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REVIEW: Sleep Eaters (2018)

Sleep eating is a real phenomenon, and it's one you probably don't hear of very often. Just like sleep walking, sleep eating is a parasomnia - which is any sort of "unwanted event" that happens when you're asleep. 

In Shane Grant's Sleep Eaters, the full-length followup to his short film Sleep Eater, the entire concept of eating while you're asleep is taken to a cannibalistic extreme. Sleep Eaters picks up almost exactly where the short film left off, but Grant does a perfect job of making sure that you never have to have seen Eater just to enjoy this sequel. 

The main story revolves around Rachel, who is filming a documentary about the grizzly murders from the first film. The opening of this film is actually the opening of the documentary in the film, which takes us through the events of Eater to catch viewers up on the tale of "Cannibal Kelly," who has been on the run for over a year, desperately trying to keep himself from falling asleep and ea…

REVIEW: The Fear Footage (2018)

The Fear Footage writer and director, Ricky Umberger, might be one of the new masters of marketing. This movie came out of nowhere - as of this writing, it has very little to no press, and seemingly just...appeared. This is probably exactly as intended, as the movie, like many of the found footage genre, purports to be "real."