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REVIEW: Sleep Eaters (2018)

Sleep eating is a real phenomenon, and it's one you probably don't hear of very often. Just like sleep walking, sleep eating is a parasomnia - which is any sort of "unwanted event" that happens when you're asleep. 

In Shane Grant's Sleep Eaters, the full-length followup to his short film Sleep Eater, the entire concept of eating while you're asleep is taken to a cannibalistic extreme. Sleep Eaters picks up almost exactly where the short film left off, but Grant does a perfect job of making sure that you never have to have seen Eater just to enjoy this sequel. 

The main story revolves around Rachel, who is filming a documentary about the grizzly murders from the first film. The opening of this film is actually the opening of the documentary in the film, which takes us through the events of Eater to catch viewers up on the tale of "Cannibal Kelly," who has been on the run for over a year, desperately trying to keep himself from falling asleep and ea…

REVIEW: The Fear Footage (2018)

The Fear Footage writer and director, Ricky Umberger, might be one of the new masters of marketing. This movie came out of nowhere - as of this writing, it has very little to no press, and seemingly just...appeared. This is probably exactly as intended, as the movie, like many of the found footage genre, purports to be "real."

REVIEW: The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)

I went into this movie knowing pretty much nothing about it, other than the fact that it was a follow up to the 2008 original about a group of killers who are terrorizing a family for absolutely no reason other than the fact that, well, they can.

This sequel is more of the same, but also a whole hell of a lot less. We have what seems to be far too long of an opening story about a girl, Kinsie (Bailee Madison, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) who we know automatically is a rebel. She's wearing a cutoff Ramones tee that's always falling off her shoulders, and she's sarcastic and calls her brother a queef. Plus, she fake smokes cigarettes, so you know she's troubled. Her parents are shipping her off to boarding school because she's "skipping class and getting bad grades." Ugh. We're starting with the cliche's already.

Throughout the entire hour and a half of this movie, I felt absolutely nothing for any of the characters. I don't think they inte…

REVIEW: Morbid (2014)

After finally getting around to watching Chuck Conry's first film, Morbid, I was kicking myself. I've been sitting on a screener copy of the movie for months, and as it is, the film came out years ago. I was such a huge fan of his movie Door 1 of the 5 Doors to Hell that I even persuaded Chuck to let me new label, PSFilms Video, put that film out on blu-ray. I should have known I'd be in for a treat watching Morbid. 

You'd not know it from the cover or the synopsis, but anyone familiar with Chuck's work will not at all be surprised to learn that the film is a laugh riot. I'm not 100% sure that he sets out to write and create comedy films, but that's how it ends up working out, and for my money, they're perfect. In the case of Morbid, we follow a group of teens in a small town who are being massacred by a killer in a business suit. Despite the film starting off with a double murder, everyone in town is too busy worrying about The Big Game and the afterp…